Why should I support you as a boxer?

I have a proven amateur boxing record which demonstrates my commitment and willingness to work as hard as necessary to achieve my goal. My hope is to carry on the illustrious boxing history of the United States of America and to  be a  living positive and uplifting example to others with the story of my life.  Also, I want to share with you and the world the exhilarating experience of my boxing.

How has boxing been especially important to you?

Despite the stress of foster care,  some helpful staff  showed me how  boxing would be a good emotional and physical outlet for me.  So, I began to box and  honestly I found  a great outlet to channel my anger.  I began to love the sport and the competition. I felt I could be myself while in the boxing gym. In addition, the gym offered me a place to just be myself, a  place where no one would  one to judge me harshly as a person. I continued training at various gyms and spent the majority of my training at the Salinas boxing club. Currently,  I’ve established another residence in Las Vegas, Nevada where I continue my boxing training.