Jamie’s entire life has been centered around a single word: perseverance. Growing and learning in order to withstand adversity in her life has been instilled since the beginning of her existence. At just ten days old, she was abandoned by her mother due to her crippling cocaine addiction. There was no effort made to stay in contact with Jamie, and there is no known information about her father.

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August 2nd 2019 in Las Vegas, NV
vs. Opponent


and counting in the women’s class weight division.


The Miracle

What famous boxers do you admire?

When asked the question my response is not to say so much who I emulate; …
The Miracle

Hi, I’m Jamie

Thank you for visiting my website and let’s begin to make history.  This is my…
The Miracle

Why Support Me?

Why should I support you as a boxer? I have a proven amateur boxing record…
Thomas & Mack Center Fight Night