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Thank you for visiting my website and let’s begin to make history.  This is my way to introduce myself to you and hopefully, and to become a friend with you as you  learn more about me. Please step from the ringside into the ring with me, and I’ll throw a few jabs and hooks via answers to questions I anticipate you might ask!


Jamie, tell us about yourself.


I had to persevere, grow and learn in order to hold out against great adversity in my life. My mother abandoned me at ten days old due to her cocaine addiction   and she made no effort to stay in contact. I don’t even know the name of my father, the father I’ve still never met. I was aware that I had and extended family; yet none of them came to rescue me from foster care. Until age six, I suffered starvation and physical torture while in a state foster home operated by a woman named Etta.  One day, I went to school after suffering a broken arm which Etta had inflicted.  The police and school authorities questioned me, and I finally told of them the abuse I had been suffering.  As a result, 12 other children in the foster home were freed. Each day, it was a fight, a bout, combatting the pain of my abandonment and isolation. Yet, I was held, no imprisoned, as a ward of the court, innocent of any crime, till I was released at the age of eighteen.  Then, I temporarily moved back to the Los Angeles area where I had been born. Still, my extended family could not provide me the support to flourish and blossom in adult life. Finally, I moved to Pacific Grove, California where I received the help of a friend who has become a father figure to me. There, I learned to make a new life and destiny for myself by surrounding myself with a supporting team of friends in my corner:  and I’ve needed a lot of support because I’m a single mother of a tremendous, spirited little boy.


What did you learn from that experience?


I consider that though my first boxing win, I’ve learned of the virtue courage, truth and persevering through a fight.  Also, I’ve learned the need as well for a moral, ethical and supportive community to be part of and be involved with.