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When asked the question my response is not to say so much who I emulate;  rather to try to explain the totality of being a champion boxer: boxing is a life journey, a physical emotional and a heroic human journey.  For each boxer, it is a solitary path,  in a sport which has no shoulder to shoulder  team, though you rely heavily on those in your corner.  I admire  Mohammed Ali, Ann Wolfe, Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr., Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather,  and Queen Underwood.
 Mike Tyson was the first boxer I remember as a child and he inspired me to appreciate boxing. I admired Tyson’s drive and relentless stamina in a fight. I admired Mohammed Ali because he was very outspoken about his views and his talents matched his boxing and public reputation: Ali had great footwork and a fantastic ability to duck and dodge punches. I admire Ann Wolf because I see her as the greatest female boxer in modern history.  I appreciate Queen Underwood, an amateur boxer, because she is so approachable for her fans; and I like her humble demeanor when interacting with the public.